Lactose Intolerance? Think Coconut Oil

26/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

The Perfect Substitute

If you’re lactose intolerant, coconut oil is the perfect substitute for butter. I know that there are a range of alternative butters or some that have had the lactose removed but I prefer to try and keep my food simple and as unadulterated as possible.
By using raw organic coconut oil, you’re getting a healthy fat that’s as pure and natural as it can possibly be – it really is Nature’s Perfect Ingredient!
How to Use
Any recipe can be easily adapted ie anywhere that butter is mentioned, simply substitute for Lucy Bee coconut oil. A tip to note here is that you don’t need quite so much either. If a  baking recipe, for example, states 100g of butter, you only need 75g of coconut oil as it seems to go further- not sure why, it just does! Similarly, when frying an egg, my advice would be to start with a small pea-sized amount and add extra if you think you need it. When roasting potatoes or vegetables, you only need enough to toss the food in – it doesn’t need to be ‘swimming’ in it.
Sweet Treats
By introducing coconut oil in place of butter, you’ve now opened up the whole world of sweet treats for yourself – cakes, homemade chocolate, pastry it’s all now possible! With savoury foods, coconut oil makes for a wonderful butter replacement in a white sauce and is delicious as a spread on toast.
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