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Absolute Aromas - Lemongrass 10ml

Lemongrass can be very refreshing and relaxing and is commonly used as an insect repellent. Lemongra..

£4.27 Ex Tax: £3.56

Ananda's Foods - Classic Round Up 75g

Ananda's sublime vanilla marshmallow sandwiched between two handmade chocolate biscuits, with a doll..

£3.12 Ex Tax: £2.60

Ananda's Foods - Vegan Marshmallow Box Vanilla 80g

Vegan Marshmallows for Grown Ups!Warming Vanilla flavourPerfect for Hot Chocolate, Desserts & Cake T..

£4.25 Ex Tax: £3.54

Australian Tea Tree - Soap 90g

Ideal for problem skin on the Face & backQuality and purity guaranteedIncludes naturally occurring a..

£3.10 Ex Tax: £2.59

Buddha Teas - Organic Burdock Root Infusion 18bags

Pure Organic Burdock RootNo Additives or FillersAll Natural & OrganicBurdock root is a unique and mi..

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Coconut Merchant - Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil With Turmeric 500ml

Our amazing coconut oil now with turmeric!Perfect for frying, cooking, baking and roastingOrganic, C..

£8.62 Ex Tax: £8.62

Green Origins - Organic Acai Berry Powder 125g

Pure, freeze-dried Acai berry powderHigh in vitamin A which contributes to the maintenance of normal..

£13.27 Ex Tax: £13.27

Green Origins - Organic Cacao Powder 250g

Pure cacao powderHigh in iron which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigueCertified O..

£5.47 Ex Tax: £5.47

Green Origins - Organic Psyllium Husk Powder 250g

Pure, raw Psyllium husk powderHigh in fibre - Each 5g serving of Psyllium husk powder provides more ..

£7.20 Ex Tax: £7.20

Hipp - Organic Spaghetti Bolognese 190g

Spaghetti bologneseOrganic baby foodWith little lumps to encourage chewingRecyclableNo added saltNo ..

£1.59 Ex Tax: £1.59

Hipp - Organic Vegetables With Rice And Chicken 125g

Mixed vegetables and rice simmered with chickenComes with omega 3 for the development of brain and n..

£1.31 Ex Tax: £1.31

Jasons Natural - Organic Blue Green Algae Toothpaste (Sea Fresh) 170g

All Natural Toothpaste features Blue Green Algae (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae), rich in Calcium, protei..

£5.46 Ex Tax: £4.55

Kordel Nutrition - Milk Thistle 10000Mg - R 90vcaps

High strength synergistic formula.Milk Thistle raw herb and extract.Contains Dandelion, Barberry and..

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Manilife - Deep Roast Crunchy Peanut Butter 1kg

Deep dark flavour, thick and creamy texture with BIG crunchy pieces.The deep roast crunchy was born ..

£10.84 Ex Tax: £10.84

Method - Laundry Liquid Orchard Fruit 1.56ltr

Method - Laundry Liquid Orchard Fruit 1.56ltr..

£11.58 Ex Tax: £9.65

Nutrisport - Weight Gain - Strawberry 1.4kg

Helps to Build Bulk MusclePacked with Protein and CarbohydratesNo Fat or Refined SugarsNutrisport We..

£16.64 Ex Tax: £13.87

Shore - Sweet & Smoky Seaweed Puffs 22.5g (x 24pack)

Shore - Sweet & Smoky Seaweed Puffs 22.5g (x 24pack)  Who would have believed that a humble little p..

£26.30 Ex Tax: £21.92

Tampax - Super Plus 20 Pack

Tampax - Super Plus 20 Pack TAMPAX Pearl Super Plus tampons help stop leaks before they happen for h..

£4.04 Ex Tax: £3.37

Teapigs - Super Fruit 50bags

Award winning super fruit loose tea made using whole fruitA super fruity blend which actually tastes..

£12.12 Ex Tax: £12.12

Tena - Discreet Normal 12 Pack

Tena - Discreet Normal 12 PackTENA Lady Discreet Normal with MicroPROTEX technology, and TRIPLE PROT..

£4.03 Ex Tax: £4.03

Tena - Lady Extra 10 Pack

Tena - Lady Extra 10 PackThe TENA Lady Extra are designed for supporting sufferers of light incontin..

£4.03 Ex Tax: £4.03

Tony'S Chocolonely - Dark Chocolate 51% Almonds & Sea Salt 180g

Belgian dark chocolate with almond and sea salt. Cocoa solids: 51% minimum. Made in belgium.This Fai..

£4.06 Ex Tax: £3.38

Weleda - Birch Body Scrub 150ml

Stimulating scrub to invigorate skin.Perk up tired skin with tiny, non-polluting, natural wax beads ..

£8.94 Ex Tax: £7.45